HAT Innovation

Move your business to safety

HAT Innovation injects young businesses with funding, a common customer pool, engineering support, and the robust, privacy-preserving technology of the HAT. Located in the heart of the London and Cambridge technology centers, our network takes no equity, and you gain the impactful resources of the HAT network of founders, researchers, and government. Register your early interest in joining us today.

The technology landscape is changing. Customers are waking up to the value of their personal, online information, and they're resisting Internet services that force them to give up their personal data with care, concern, or consent. The HAT is a technology that lets individuals safely store that personal data, transacting it with Internet apps and services without sacrificing control or privacy over it. Each HAT is private, individually-owned, and encrypted. No one can see the data inside your HAT except for you.  Click here to learn more.
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